Select error and stackdumps

Joey Mukherjee
Tue Jun 5 15:33:00 GMT 2001


I am using Cygwin to port some of our software over to Windows.  It works great 
for the most part, but I am getting an error which I don't know how to solve.  
Some hints would be great.

I have a program which sets up a server socket and launches several clients to 
connect to it.  The first time I run the program, everything works fine.  One of 
the features of my program is to rerun all the clients (i.e. a restart).  

When I do this restart, I get the following error ad nauseum:

Warning: select failed; error code 9

What does this error mean?

My client program eventually creates a stackdump, which brings me to my second 

What can I do with a stack dump?  Its not like a core since I tried loading it 
into gdb on the command line, but maybe there is another more obvious way to 
look at it that I'm missing.


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