[Fwd: printing text files from cygwin/WinNT]

Steve Kelem s_kelem@pacbell.net
Tue Jun 5 14:38:00 GMT 2001

I also tried
cat file > PRN
This briefly puts something in the print queue, but nothing prints.
I even put a form feed (^l) at the end of the file.

    How are you supposed to print from cygwin (the latest) on WinNT (4.0 Sp 6a)?
    The FAQ points to some articles in the newsgroup about printing on a 
    network printer, but doesn't mention
    anything about printing on the printer attached to my PC.
    I tried
       echo test > lpt
    which does nothing---nothing shows up in the print queue or gets printed
       echo test > lpt1
    tcsh hangs when I do this.
    Any suggestions?  I have a Canon BJC-5100 printer, if that makes any 
    Thanks for your help,
    Steve Kelem

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