setup.exe complaints

Michael Dyck
Tue Jun 5 14:21:00 GMT 2001

Before I start complaining, I'd like to say that Cygwin is great. And I'm
sure setup.exe is a vast improvement over past mechanisms, but I'm still
frustrated with it.

1) I ran my local copy of setup.exe and it told me there was a newer version
that I might like to get. It would be nice if it gave me the option to do so
right then, or at least reminded me of how to do it myself. (e.g.: "If you
want to get the new setup.exe, go to and click on the
'Install Cygwin Now' link.")

(So I now have Setup version 2.57.)

2) latest/README talks about the "Install from Current Directory" option,
and indicates that (if I choose that option) the setup.exe file must be in
the same directory as the .tar.gz files I want to install.  But that hasn't
been the case for a while, I think: the option is now "Install from *Local*
Directory", and I get to pick the package directory. (And the package
directory doesn't even need to directly contain .tar.gz files; it looks like
setup finds any .tar.gz files recursively contained by the package

3) At first, I wasn't entirely clear on the distinction between "local
package directory" and "install root directory". It would have been nice to
have that spelled out.

4) I'm puzzled by the "Select packages to download/install" window.
   (a) What to Prev/Curr/Exp do?
   (b) What does Full/Part do?
   (c) It seems like the default is to download/install everything (or
everything new). If instead, I'm only interested in one package, it seems I
have to click on every other package to change it to "Skip", which is a
royal pain.
   (d) Near the bottom, it says "(p) = previous version, (x) =
experimental", but it's not clear what you're talking about. For a long
time, I was looking for "p" and "x" in the scrollable pane. Now, I think
maybe you're just giving the keyboard shortcuts for the Prev/Curr/Exp radio
buttons. But why leave out "(c) = current"? And why bother with keyboard
shortcuts at all, since the window can't be fully operated from the keyboard

It seems to me that at least some of these questions are the sort of thing
that latest/README and/or should

-Michael Dyck

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