libwww install fails on cygwin: HEAD vs. head filename confusion?

Gerrit P. Haase
Tue Jun 5 13:55:00 GMT 2001 schrieb am 2001-06-05, 13:13:

> Trying to install libwww-perl on cygwin, but seem to be having a 
> problem with the symlink make install wants to create from 
> /usr/bin/HEAD to /usr/bin/lwp-request. (Output below may be an 
> aritifact of a previous failed make install.) I suspect the 
> problem may be related to the fact that cygwin has a /usr/bin/head
> (like the tail program), which may be gettting confused with 
> /usr/bin/HEAD due to Windows 2000 /  Cygwin filename case-sensitivity
> issues?

That is a problem with head(.exe) on cygwin, i install perl always in 
the second row, put /bin in the beginning of the PATH, so head.exe is 
first if configure is going to use it. 
Other possibility is, move head.exe out of the way and install libwww,
just make sure, /usr/local/bin or were head.exe lives is in PATH before 
HEAD of libwww.



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