inetd under Win95 OSR2.5

Tim Chick
Tue Jun 5 13:00:00 GMT 2001

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Subject: Re: inetd under Win95 OSR2.5

> I've just done some checking,at it appears that the following happens:
> inetd runs telnetd
> telnetd performs a getpeername on stream 0
> This call fails with the error 108 = ENOTSOCK
> So I guess there is some problem with mapping STDIN to a socket
> on Win95
> What else can I try? Anyone who understands this stuff have any
> ideas?
> Tim

It appears that:

ns = accept(...)
getpeername(ns, ...) -> Successful, and gets right answer
getpeername(0, ...) -> Fails with ENOTSOCK

Thats about as far as I can get with this! I looked at the cygwin
dll source, and it is way too scary :-)

My guess is either SetStdHandle does not work for sockets under Win95,
or the cygwin magic which figures out what a handle is before duplicating
it is wrong.

Anyone have any ideas?


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