Bug in the Documentation of GCC-Version:2.91.66

Earnie Boyd earnie_boyd@yahoo.com
Tue Jun 5 05:54:00 GMT 2001

manish kulkarni wrote:
> hi,
>   There is a bug in the documentation of the GCC version 2.91.66.It says
> that the gcc can be involed with option or filename.
> gcc [option|filename]
> Now when we use the linker options say -l and -L.The option -l specifies the
> library name and -L indicates the search path,if they are given before the
> file is given,i.e for example:
> gcc -lExample -LMydir File.c,then it reports an linker error saying that the
> functions used in File.c don't have a reference.
> Does this mean that the Filename should be given before the linker options
> are given?.

The linker options are always line position dependent.

> Please Clarify,i think i am clear abt myself.

Very, but your problem doesn't constitute an error in the documentation
and even if it did this would be the wrong list to report it on.

> Manish.


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