boehm-gc .comm problem

Tony Kimball
Mon Jun 4 22:36:00 GMT 2001

Quoth Robert Collins on Tuesday, 5 June:
: Might I suggest using pthreads? They are the official threads for
: cygwin.

I tried that, but the Boehm GC code depends on implementation details
of Linux threads, and did not trivially port to cygwin.  I'm planning
to compile -mno-cygwin anyhow, so pthreads are not really an option
unless i am willing to add a dependency on the stand-alone pthreads
lib from win32, which I'd rather not do, all other things being equal.

In fact, it is the exponential variety of configuration options which
make getting a good windows java compiler such a bear to wrestle with.
I have made farays into mingw/win32 hosted on linux (i don't recall
the specific problems encountered, off the 'top of my head'),
cygwin/pthreads hosted on cygwin (which was hopelessly slow),
cygwin/pthreads on linux (run-time problems in GC due to
implementation-dependencies in the GC code), and now cygwin/win32
hosted on linux (seemingly now encountering obscure .comm bugs).  It's
hard to know which path to take, and difficult to justify continuing
down any one path to overcome an obstacle, when one knows that there
are other, untried paths, which might avoid all obstacles and provide
a cheap win.

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