BUG: Automake 1.4

jens@uniweb.se jens@uniweb.se
Mon Jun 4 12:08:00 GMT 2001


 Don't know if this is the right place to send this. But I have automake 1.4 on cygwin and on my linux machine. And the version on cygwin produces a slightly diffrent Makefile.in then the linux version. And the important part is a bug.

 Here is three rows from the linux version. It is in distdir:

	  if test -d $$d/$$file; then \
	    cp -pr $$d/$$file $(distdir)/$$file; \
	  else \

 In the cygwin version it looks like this.

	  if test -d $$d/$$file; then \
	    cp -pr $$/$$file $(distdir)/$$file; \
	  else \

 And that makes directories in EXTRA_DIST etc to not work. The make i canceled with an error.

 Anybody recocnizing this???

 Jens Yllman

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