Setup 2.57 woes...

Bobby McNulty
Mon Jun 4 10:26:00 GMT 2001

I was having problems because I was running Windows 98 upgrade.
I had to put Windows 95 back on, and then the upgrade.
Someone told me to do this because Windows 98 upgrade adds files that
Windows 95 does not have.
I did that, and parts of the computer openned up again.
I had to put in the sound card.
Problem with my computer is the owner and its an old computer thar
origainally ran Compaq software.
I am using it for Unix and Windows programming.
I love to download and compile gcc 3.0.
My favorite thing right now. I go into it last summer.
I have a Western Digital hard drive with 8 GB space.
Windows 98, Cygwin, Microsoft Office
A CD-RW drive (4*4*24)
Putting in a Pioneer CD ROM drive. Hoping it works out better than the
My system was failing because ( had a little 2.5 gig drive that was bad.
It has been disabled.
My mother board contains a Pentium chip. It runs at 166 MHZ. Bo MMZ.

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It sounds like what happened to you is a partial answer.  Unless you really
really know what you are doing to the Cygwin environment, you are much
better off leaving /usr/bin/ -> /bin/ and /usr/lib/ -> /lib/.

Unless you are running services from Cygwin or refer to some Cygwin
utilities in your autoexec.bat, I wouldn't expect the change to disable your
system though.
Mac :})
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> What will happen if I do try to seperate /usr/bin from /bin?
> I tried this saturday and my computer would not start again.
> Just got it back online.
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> The final comment in that thread from Chris was that the FAQ is still
> correct.  It's just that now that setup.exe honors existing mount points,
> someone who 'knows what their doing' can split /usr/bin/ and /bin/.  If
> mention that it is possible, you should also mention that it is strongly
> recommended.
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> Subject: Re: Setup 2.57 woes...
> > On Friday 1 Jun 01, Michael A. Chase writes:
> > > > >The FAQ describes why /bin/ and /usr/bin/ (and /lib/ and
> > > > >/usr/lib/) need to point to the same directory.  If you insist on
> > > > >keeping them separate, you are making your installation
> > > > >unsupportable.
> > > >
> > > > Actually setup should honor existing mounts now, fwiw.
> > >
> > > Perhaps that section of the FAQ could be re-written now.
> >
> > Thanks, I'm aware of the discrepancy, I plan to fix it.

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