Still trying: linked executable runs in DOS and cygwin.bat, but not Bash inside XEmacs, except in "cmd /c"

Karr, David
Mon Jun 4 10:25:00 GMT 2001

I asked about this a while ago, but I have a tiny bit more information.
Perhaps this new information will spark someone's neurons.

I have an application which our build system builds, and which is an
intermediate target which is used to build other things.  The intermediate
target is an executable which is linked by the "Segmented Executable Linker"
(version from 1994), as opposed to the "Incremental Linker" (at least newer
than 1998, most likely).

When I execute this application from DOS, it works fine.  When I execute
this application from a Bash shell created by "cygwin.bat", it also works

However, when I execute this application from a Bash shell from within
XEmacs-Cygwin, it fails immediately with "Permission Denied".  This happens
before it gets to the code of the application.  I put a printf at the top of
"main", and it didn't get there.

If I execute "cmd /c execname" from the XEmacs bash shell, instead of just
"execname", it appears to work.

I don't want to make our build system wrap the execution with "cmd /c", but
I will if I can't find any alternative.

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