1.3.2: question about "Expect" in cygwin in Windows 2000

Balaji Balasubramanian balajib@infodiag.com
Mon Jun 4 08:58:00 GMT 2001

Title: 1.3.2: question about "Expect" in cygwin in Windows 2000

I am trying some simple command in expect, and i am getting a error

that stdout is not a know channel.

If i re-direct the out put to some file its works fine. Can anyone tell what

variable i need to set so it redirects the output to tty.



expect1.1>set a 123


expect1.2>puts $a

can not find channel named "stdout"

      while executing

"puts $a"

expect 1.3>

I have also attached my cygcheck out put.




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