Configure Bash to only list directories for completion on "cd" command?

Karr, David
Mon Jun 4 08:35:00 GMT 2001

This morning I noticed the information about how to configure Bash's
completion facilities.

I was able to configure completion on the "cd" command so that if I'm in one
directory which has a directory named "java" and a file named "joe.lib", and
I type "cd j" and TAB, it will just fill in "java", and ignore "joe.lib".

I did this with "complete -o dirnames -d cd".

However, when I configure Bash to show me the POSSIBLE completions, with
either Alt-? or setting "show-all-if-ambiguous" to "on", then it still lists
"joe.lib" in the possible completions.

Is it possible to configure the completions list so it will only show the
possibilities it will actually use?

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