Cygwin handle leak in

Joe Hagen
Sun Jun 3 12:50:00 GMT 2001


I believe there's a handle leak occurring in

The functions recv/recfrom and send/sendto use
the wsock_event class that obtains a handle using

wsock_event::prepare allocates the handle.

When this class is used, if wsock_event::wait isn't
invoked, the handle won't be freed.

I observed this in the recv function.

  In Windows NT's Task Manager, I was watching 
fetchmail's handle count, and it quickly grew to 60,000.
I modified the fetchmail source to obtain its handle
count using NtQueryInformationProcess from NTDLL.DLL,
and recv() was the culprit.

If the wsock_event class was modified with a destructor
that did this:

        if (event)

I think this would fix the problem.

This would ensure the handle is freedl when 
the object goes out of scope.


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