cygwin initialization, was cygrunsrv fails to start

Karl M
Sun Jun 3 11:38:00 GMT 2001

Hi All...

I'm looking for ideas on how to further debug this problem. I'll take any 
thoughts or suggestions.

I would like to understand the sequence of events when the cygwin1.dll is 
first loaded.

This happens in response to the first .exe image that references it, right?

Is there any "automatic" initialization of the cygwin1.dll, or does it wait 
until the first posix call from the .exe image?

I am trying to figure out why cygrunsrv works sometimes and fails sometimes 
on one of my win2kpro-sp2 boxes. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does 

I have placed

FILE *f;

at the beginning of the code, after main (and a couple of simple assignment 
statements. (The code is attached.)

The result is that sometimes when I boot up it works and I get the expected 
file output. And sometimes when I boot up, it does not work and I get no 
output file. When it fails, I also get the timeout errors in the system log. 
There are no other cases.

Other service wrappers (srvany and invoker) work fine and there is no other 
strangeness on this machine.

Is there a way to do non-cygin I/O at the beginning that would happen before 
the cygwin1.dll ever got "touched" or initialized in any way?

Is there any thing else I should look at?


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