[avail for test] readline-4.2-1 also xpm and xpm-nox

Karl M karlm30@hotmail.com
Sun Jun 3 08:21:00 GMT 2001

Hi All...

For now, could you just include the extra library in the new release? To 
give time for the change over? Wouldn't that let setup-2.57 still do its 
thing correctly for almost everyone?

Does this approach also apply to xpm xpm-nox? Could the new release also 
include the old library for a while?

Then how long is a while? I think that OpenSSH deals with this issue in 
interoperability between versions. A new feature can't break 
interoperability with the previous version, but they don't keep that up 
forever. So the users have to stay somewhat current, but not up to the 

Personally, I think one or two versions is long enough. If I am using a 
package with more active development going on (a faster update rate) then I 
need to update more often to stay current.


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