Bounty for cygwin unix script utility (script.c source util-linux package)

Perry Dykes
Sat Jun 2 14:13:00 GMT 2001

Ok I tried, porting script.c to cygwin has whipped me,

Hoping someone could create a working unix script utility, ported from
the util-linux package, by porting to cygwin environment. I'll be
honest, I tried porting, but alas not up to the task. I'll give you
remuneration equal to a case of beer/soda/sparkling water at my local
establishment if the tool works, and records console I/O in bash/cygwin
environment. My previous post shows how close I got, but the next steps
got me in trouble. Missing some source called cfmakeraw.c, etc...

I saw the expect alternative, but has some limitations, like to take the
script route.

Best Regards,

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