CreateFiber() : number of fibers limited

Holger Vogt
Sat Jun 2 04:48:00 GMT 2001


the number of fibers scheduled with CreateFiber() seems to be limited to
53 in CYGWIN (62 after compiling with MINGW32).  This is what I get from
a test case with multiple CreateFiber() calls:

primary fiber no. 0, address 0x560040 (from ConvertThreadToFiber())
added fiber no. 1, address 0x560124
added fiber no. 2, address 0x560208
added fiber no. 3, address 0x5602ec
added fiber no. 4, address 0x5603d0
added fiber no. 5, address 0x5604b4
added fiber no. 50, address 0x469de0
added fiber no. 51, address 0x469ec4
added fiber no. 52, address 0x469fa8
added fiber no. 53, address 0x0
added fiber no. 54, address 0x0

A fiber address of 0x0 is of course useless.

CreateFiber() is located in /w32api/libkernel.a,  winbase.h.

I want to create applications with SystemC needing a few hundred
fibers.  Borland C++Builder Compiler  is o.k. on these applications, but
too slow.

Is there any parameter which could be set to enhance (or remove) the

My system is Windows98,
CYGWIN 1.3.2


Holger Vogt

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