Augmenting cygwin woes

Robert Collins
Sat Jun 2 03:56:00 GMT 2001

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Sent: Saturday, June 02, 2001 7:32 AM
Subject: Augmenting cygwin woes

> A friend and I have implemented recvmsg and sendmsg;
> naive, broken version (no passing of fd's yet).  I tried
> to get in touch with the guy that is supposed to be
> doing it, but go no reply.  Cygwin successfully compiles

Who was "that guy". AFAIK no-one was working on it.

You didn't email or join the cygwin-developers list, which is
appropriate for this topic. I suggest you do, as the cygwin-developers
list is much more relevant to this than the main list.

> (as per dated instructions in the FAQ).  I ran
> configure in the obj directory (see FAQ) as follows:
> configure --prefix=/cygdrive/d/cg132install-2

See the archives of the developer list (or it might be this one...
memory is fuzzy) for an example from Chris faylor on building and
installing test copies of cygwin1.dll.

This was is wrong. --prefix should be the final installation location,
not a temporary area.

> How does it know about the new version????
> First problem then:
> I *want* 2 **incompatible** versions of cygwin1.dll
> installed on my machine.
> The first one should be accociated with the
> cygwin install rooted at d:\cygwin132-1,
> and the second should be at d:\cygwin132-2
> (though it should be called d:\cygwin133-1).
> The first install is to do development of
> cygwin for the second one; I certainly don't
> want to corrupt by mistake the first install.
> How to I get them not to interfere with
> each other?

You cannot. Cygwin uses a shared memory area which means that at any one
time there can only be one version of cygwin in memory. Uses multiple
versions _will_ cause problems, which is why cygwin detects that.

> Second problem:
> Apparently, more than modification of cygwin1.dll
> is required to get the new entry points
> avaliable.  As the program we're porting still fails
> to link (though this might be a matter of recompilation).
> We have modified,cygwin.din, and  Is
> there something we're missing?

You need to move the built .dll and .lib's to their appropriate
locations, or change your mount points after quitting all cygwin


> -Jeff
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