Setup 2.57 woes...

Lance Kibblewhite
Fri Jun 1 18:03:00 GMT 2001

> From: Michael A. Chase
> If you want help with your installation on this list, you should let setup
> manage the archive files in its normal fashion.  There would be
> far too many
> possible variations for us to try to guess what each helpee has otherwise.

Sure, no problem. Where was that need to maintain that structure documented?
Obviously I was taking advantage of an undocumented, and very useful,
feature, which is now obsoleted. Again, without documentation.

> More comments below.
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> Subject: Setup 2.57 woes...
> > Setup 2.57 seems to have a problem locating the existing
> tarballs, and is
> > always offering for download all files. This obviously makes it very
> > difficult to determine what is truly new.
> For a while now, setup has kept archive files in separate
> subdirectories by
> module under ./contrib/ or ./latest/.

On the ftp sites yes. But not necessarily local. Until now.

> > This was working very nicely with the previous version.
> That has now changed.

Yes, apparently so.

> > The download directory is correct, been the same directory that setup is
> > downloaded to. For some reasons it, just can't see the files even though
> > they are right there in the same directory.
> If you mean a single download directory, then it is _not_ correct anymore.
> It looks for the files in the locations given in setup.ini.

setup.ini details the server-side info. It is completely gratuitous that
setup insists that it be mirrored locally.

> > I only use setup for download, since setup's install (or at
> least earlier
> > versions) always insists on trampling over my /bin /usr/bin mounts etc,
> but
> > that's another story. Manual installs are trivial however.
> The FAQ describes why /bin/ and /usr/bin/ (and /lib/ and
> /usr/lib/) need to
> point to the same directory.  If you insist on keeping them separate, you
> are making your installation unsupportable.

No, that's not the problem. They are the same. but /usr/bin is mounted to
/bin etc. Setup appears to want things the other way around, when it
shouldn't really care. Another gratuitous decision.

> > Has it become mandatory to use setup for install also?
> Not completely, but it makes keeping a common directory structure both in
> the archive cache and in the working Cygwin directories much
> easier so it is
> much easier for us to guess were things are when someone asks for help.
> The easiest way to maintain your Cygwin installation is to use setup for
> both download and install.  It does both in one call by default (Install
> from Internet), but you can perform the two steps in separate calls to
> setup.exe.

Yes, I know. ein system, ein layout.

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