Setup 2.57 woes...

Michael A. Chase
Fri Jun 1 17:42:00 GMT 2001

If you want help with your installation on this list, you should let setup
manage the archive files in its normal fashion.  There would be far too many
possible variations for us to try to guess what each helpee has otherwise.

More comments below.
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Subject: Setup 2.57 woes...

> Setup 2.57 seems to have a problem locating the existing tarballs, and is
> always offering for download all files. This obviously makes it very
> difficult to determine what is truly new.

For a while now, setup has kept archive files in separate subdirectories by
module under ./contrib/ or ./latest/.  If you are going to use setup to
install (and you should), you need to get the archvie files into their
proper directories as described in setup.ini.  For me, the easiest way was
to scrub the archive directory and let setup do a fresh download, but you
could move each file to its correct directory.

After setup has the archives slotted into the directories it needs, it will
be able to find them and only try to download new versions.

> This was working very nicely with the previous version.

That has now changed.

> The download directory is correct, been the same directory that setup is
> downloaded to. For some reasons it, just can't see the files even though
> they are right there in the same directory.

If you mean a single download directory, then it is _not_ correct anymore.
It looks for the files in the locations given in setup.ini.

> I only use setup for download, since setup's install (or at least earlier
> versions) always insists on trampling over my /bin /usr/bin mounts etc,
> that's another story. Manual installs are trivial however.

The FAQ describes why /bin/ and /usr/bin/ (and /lib/ and /usr/lib/) need to
point to the same directory.  If you insist on keeping them separate, you
are making your installation unsupportable.

> Has it become mandatory to use setup for install also?

Not completely, but it makes keeping a common directory structure both in
the archive cache and in the working Cygwin directories much easier so it is
much easier for us to guess were things are when someone asks for help.
The easiest way to maintain your Cygwin installation is to use setup for
both download and install.  It does both in one call by default (Install
from Internet), but you can perform the two steps in separate calls to

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