[RFC] cygwin.[org|net] domain for Cygwin SourceForge

Earnie Boyd earnie_boyd@yahoo.com
Fri Jun 1 08:29:00 GMT 2001

Stipe Tolj wrote:
> Hi Christopher,
> hope you remember my name as a mailing list contributor and maintainer
> of the "Cygwin Porting Project".

I remember you.

> As I stated a couple of times we are about to re-launch the "Cygwin
> Porting Project" and it seems that we will setup a dedicated machine as
> "Cygwin SourceForge Server" which should be a central repository for all
> available Cygwin ports and the corresponding projects of the porters.

At the time you originally started your project it was most likely a
viable solution.  Today, it is only adding to the confusion of what
Cygwin is.  Since it is now easy to add a ported product to Cygwin as
long as you are willing to maintain the package, a separate site for the
same purpose is meaningless, useless and confusing.

> Main aim of the Cygwin SourceForge Project should be:
> It should serve as a information repository for all new Cygwin users and
> those who check to see if there are updates and new announcements on
> certain packages. What is intended is to reduce those anoing questions
> on the Cygwin mailing lists like "Has anyone ported foo or bar to
> Cygwin?!". Porters like Earnie, Mumit or Corinna (only to name few) can
> collaborate with other participating users more effective if there is a
> unique interface to the development tasks, mailing lists etc. as it's
> offered by SourceForge.

Frankly, I find SourceForge a bit too much especially for a product that
has full support already such as Cygwin.  I for one wouldn't visit your
site often, never did much, and haven't for years.  If I'm going to
support a package you can bet I'll just use the Cygwin site.  If you go
forward with this, please know that any questions concerning
distributions from your site will be redirected to your site.  This list
will not answer your questions even if you're a member of this list.

> I checked which Cygwin specific domains are available within the .org
> TLD to use for that project and I see you are mentioned as admin-c for
> all three SLDs cygwin.com, cygwin.net, cygwin.org.
> What would be the chance to use cygwin.org or cygwin.net for such a
> Cygwin SourceForge Server we would set up?

Confusing!?.  There have been, possibly still are, subdomains setup with
cygwin as the subdomain and I find it totally confusing.  There is
enough confusion wrt Cygwin that adding YA confuse point isn't a good

> Here is what we can offer for the project:
> - Sun E250 (2 CPUs, 512 MB RAM) or higher scaled LVS (Linux Virtual
> Server) cluster as base machine. Maybe splitting into several machines
> for the MySQL DB engine and the Apache HTTP server if required for
> load-balancing purposes.
> - Configuration of Apache, PHP, MySQL and all the stuff that is required
> by SourceForge.
> - The main intention will be to get a WinNT or Win2k machine running
> with the same setup to serve the Cygwin SourceForge Project, which would
> be a proof of concept for the whole Cygwin POSIX layer.
> - IP connecticity and traffic for either 2 Mbit/sec line located at
> Wapme in Duesseldorf, DE or 2.4 GBit/sec line located at UUNET HQ in
> Dortmund, DE.
> I will start to set-up a reference implementation on a Cygwin 1.x box
> runing WinNT4sp6 with the latest SourceForge 2.5 source to see how far I
> will get on the Cygwin side.

Are you saying that you're porting the SourceForge code to Cygwin?  Are
you asking for permission to do that?  I don't understand the part about
"we can offer the project"; who's project, Cygwin's or yours.


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