cygrunsrv fails to start

Karl M
Fri Jun 1 07:51:00 GMT 2001

Hi All...

>From: Corinna Vinschen <>
>Subject: Re: cygrunsrv fails to start
>Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2001 09:00:58 +0200
>I'm pretty sure it's a difference of the machines installation. Just
>as an example, I had once a problem installing services which depend
>on a prior started Oracle (some 7.x version) service. So I added
>dependencies to the Oracle service to my services but that never worked.
>The Oracle service didn't startup anymore and the SCM database stayed
>locked! I had to change my code to loop until Oracle is available,
>instead :-P
This sounds like something was still broken, and just never understood.

Some more questions...

1) cygrunsrv still uses the cygwin1.dll, so when does it get loaded? (Is it 
when the openlog call is made in service_main?)

2) Are there any known dependencies for the cygwin1.dll? Or is there 
anything known that could make it take too long to load?

3) If it is being loaded at the openlog call, could it take too long 
sometimes? cygrunsrv has 1 second to answer with RegisterServiceCtrlHandlerA 
doesn't it?

4) Can I defer the loading of the cygwin1.dll call somehow? Perhaps by doing 
non-cygwin logging to a file at the beginning? If so, what should the open 
and write calls look like, and how do I compile/build it? (In this area I am 
a newbie.)

5) Is there some better way to debug this? Or other possible approaches?

6) I can always use srvany or invoker if I need to, but I see value to the 
CygWin community in finding the root-cause for this problem.

>However, I have that automatic startup on two machines and both
>startup as usual and always. But both are developer machines
>which don't have any strange stuff installed (uh, except the OS
>of course).
My two machines are pretty vanilla also, except of course the OS.


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