some newbie questions about the c++ libraries included in Cygwin...

Andrew Markebo
Fri Jun 1 00:19:00 GMT 2001

| my 2 questions are...  what function to use, and which included header
| file to use  (assuming this is included in Cygwin) to change the

lookup ncurses, a package to move around the cursor set colors and so
on. There is one extra thing you need to do (except do #include :-) )
when you compile your program, and it is add -lncurses at the end of
the link-command :-)

I suppose the homepage of ncurses is
and hopefully you can find examples and so on around.

Oh there are 

| cursor position? the equivalent to the "locate" command in basic...
| the function my textbook uses for this requires a header file only in
| an expensive compiler. And, which function/header file to change the
| color of the text sent to stdout?  Again, the function in my textbook

Ncurses does this also.

| requires an expensive compiler.  I tried looking through the header
| files in /cygwin/usr/... but it seemed like they consisted 99% of
| declarations and #defines and such, without any actual function(s) in
| sight.

The 'implementation' lies in the library file you link in when you add

Hey there are a libncurses++, sounds like c++-packaging of ncurses,
might be interesring also if you are custom to classes and so on.


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