passwd file entry missing

David M. Karr
Wed Jan 31 16:01:00 GMT 2001

>>>>> "Larry" == Larry Hall <> writes:
  Larry> At 06:29 PM 1/31/2001, David M. Karr wrote:
  >> I've got Cygwin working fine on my PC.  I'm helping someone else set
  >> up Cygwin on their PC.  I created a "/home/<username>", and set HOME
  >> in control panel to "/home/<username>".  Most things work fine.
  >> However, one odd thing is that the "id" program shows his userid as
  >> "administrator".  I thought to look in the "/etc/passwd" file, and
  >> compare it to what I have.  My "/etc/passwd" file has an entry for my
  >> name, but his does not have an entry for his name.  Despite this
  >> anomaly, I'm not quite sure what problems this might cause, if any.
  >> What are some reasons why he doesn't have a passwd file entry?  What
  >> did I do to get an entry for me in my passwd file?  I know I didn't do
  >> it manually.

  Larry> You ran mkpasswd.  Do so on the other (NT/W2K) machine and you should be
  Larry> fine.

Uh, ok.  I just did "mkpasswd -l > /etc/passwd" on his PC, and now
"id" and "whoami" give me something reasonable.  However, I'm quite
sure I never did that on my system.  I think I remember reading about
it in the manual, but I'm pretty sure I never explicitly ran it.

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