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Larry Hall
Wed Jan 31 15:41:00 GMT 2001

At 06:15 PM 1/31/2001, Sharron D Allen wrote:

>Larry, Sorry to talk to you like you had no idea what cygwin was <That's
>I have a form that has
>on its first line followed by code.
>I open it using IE5.0 and it posts to the script but it is basically
>showing me exactly what the script is saying instead of posting.

OK, I'm guessing the problem is that your CGI posting doesn't understand 
#!/bin/sh.  An option that another list member, Earnie Boyd, has suggested
in the past to address this issue is to create small program called !#
that invokes either /c or cmd.exe /c (or something like this - 
I don't remember the details).  Maybe you could try that.  If you can't use 
/bin/sh at all, you'll need to change your script to do something in DOS on 
Windows machines...

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