passwd file entry missing

David M. Karr
Wed Jan 31 15:33:00 GMT 2001

I've got Cygwin working fine on my PC.  I'm helping someone else set
up Cygwin on their PC.  I created a "/home/<username>", and set HOME
in control panel to "/home/<username>".  Most things work fine.
However, one odd thing is that the "id" program shows his userid as
"administrator".  I thought to look in the "/etc/passwd" file, and
compare it to what I have.  My "/etc/passwd" file has an entry for my
name, but his does not have an entry for his name.  Despite this
anomaly, I'm not quite sure what problems this might cause, if any.

What are some reasons why he doesn't have a passwd file entry?  What
did I do to get an entry for me in my passwd file?  I know I didn't do
it manually.

David M. Karr     ; w:(425)487-8312     ; TCSI & Best Consulting    ; Java/Unix/XML/C++/X ; BrainBench CJ12P (#12004)

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