"Sh" scripting using win-32 aka cygwin32

Sharron D Allen Sharron_D_Allen@west.raytheon.com
Wed Jan 31 15:00:00 GMT 2001

I am currently using software called win-32 aka cygwin32 (a
cygnus/gnu/windows product). I know
how everything works except for one thing. I do not know how to call the
'sh' shell from a file.
My problem:
I have a web page/form that posts information to a file called thankyou.cgi
Well I want to test this with out having CGI access, if possible.
What should I do to have my web page/form successfully post information to

currently my first line in my script is: #!/bin/sh (the actual POSIX location of 'sh')
I have tried

Your reply would be greatly appreciated.

Sharron D. Allen
Email: Sharron_D_Allen@west.raytheon.com

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