Updated: bash-2.04-6

Joseph M. Reagle Jr. reagle@w3.org
Wed Jan 31 11:48:00 GMT 2001

At 11:16 1/31/2001 -0500, Larry Hall wrote:
>At 10:40 AM 1/31/2001, Joseph M. Reagle Jr. wrote:
> >Installing this version, prompted me to do a 'man bash' which results in 
> the following error and subsequent corruption of my display:
> >         <standard input>:1380: warning: can't break line
> >However, I then tested this with a previous version which had the same 
> error.
>Right.  This isn't bash issue but a man one.  Check /usr/lib/man.conf.
>You should be using -Tascii for NROFF.  If that's not the issue for you,
>you can also look for man/nroff/groff issues in the mail archives.  People
>have had similar problems in the (distant) past and some solutions
>proposed there may help you.

Thanks Larry. My noff entry is as follows, and I will note that bash is the 
only "corrupt" instance where I've found this, man works fine otherwise. 
I've looked in the archives and nothing jumped out as a related cause...

NROFF           /usr/bin/groff -Tascii -mandoc

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