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Earnie Boyd
Wed Jan 31 06:33:00 GMT 2001

Trevor Forbes wrote:
> This is a general outline as to what I do on a Win2k PC.  If your not
> familiar with the commands, or have some trouble, then unfortunately you
> will have to do some Windows and Unix reading.  :)
> First make sure the  windows system directories is "LAST" rpt "LAST" in your
> path
> eg  export PATH=$PATH:/c/winnt/:/c/winnt/system32
> (I have this permanently set)
> then type:
> net view
> This list all the computers in the network
> or
> net view | grep whatever
> next type:
> net view \\\\Computer_name or net view '\\Computer_name'
> to see all the shares on that computer
> next type:
> net use x: \\\\Computer_name\\share
> Connects your computer to the share resource
> This command will fail if you do not have the correct permissions or the
> network is not set up correctly.

This verbiage should be added to the FAQ.

> NOTE, I have the following mount setting
> "mount -b --change-cygdrive-prefix /"
> now you can do:
> cd /x
> ls

WOW!! I didn't even know that.  It must be an accident. ;)  I thought
that changing cygdrive prefix to / would force you to use the
//<driveletter>/ format.  Thanks for the tidbit of information, you've
just made life easier.


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