Fwd: Cygwin, RZ_EXPAND_SZ for mounting

Björn Johansson /Konsult bjorn.johansson@micronic.se
Wed Jan 31 00:42:00 GMT 2001

Forgot to say that I am running Cygwin 1.1.4


Date: 1/31/2001 8:58 AM
From: Björn Johansson /Konsult <bjorn.johansson@micronic.se>


I have tried to set a variable in the windows registry for the mounting of cygwin directories. This is to have the possibility to switch between different cygwin istallations without changing the registry (only changing MY_HOME).

Cygwin starts OK but "man" doesn't work. "man make" gives the error 
/usr/bin/tbl: not found
/usr/bin/groff: not found  

It seems that it is the Type REG_EXPAND_SZ that causes the error. If I set the complete path (X:) instead of  %MY_HOME% I get the same error (REG_EXPAND_SZ is still there).

Windows control panel
User variable:  MY_HOME
Value:   X:

           Cygnus Solutions
                        mounts v2
                            /usr/bin          native      REG_EXPAND_SZ   %MY_HOME%/cygwin/bin

Also set for / and /lib

By the way, thanks a lot for Cygwin!!! I am forced to work in Windows....


Björn Johansson
Micronic Laser Systems AB

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