Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc)
Tue Jan 30 09:25:00 GMT 2001

At 12:10 PM 1/30/2001, wrote:
> > > export PS1='\[\033]0;\w\007\033[32m\][\s-\v] \[\033[32m\w\033[0m\]\n> '
> > > 
> > > which gives me a nice prompt in green in the format:
> > >   [bash-2.04] ~/path
> > >   >
> > > 
> > > Is there a way to make the same prompt in bold??
> > 
> > \[[1m causes bold.  You can mix it with colors like \[[1;32m
> > \[[0m resets it.
> > 
>Hmm, i have tried it, but it only gives me a brighter green, not a bold
>one. But maybe i have misplaced it in the string, because i don´t know
>excatly what all the backslashes and codes mean. Exists there a info-file or
>something similar where i can find such informations?
>If it is not to much effort for you, it would be really very nice, if you
>could place the bolds right in my string or maybe shortly explain the 
>different parts of my PS1 setting (i admit, i have stolen this one :-)

Its been forever and a day since I looked at that code but I was definitely
left with the impression that the Win32 console APIs that Cygwin uses for
the terminal settings does not support actual bold characters.  This was
a long time ago (4 years?) so this may no longer be an issue but the 
behavior you describe is synonymous with my recollections in this regard.

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