Filename syntax question

Ed Bradford
Tue Jan 30 06:29:00 GMT 2001

I have removed all my MKS utilities in favor of CYGWIN. Ooops, I am
now stuck. I can't seem to copy disk partitions.

In cmd.exe mode and with the Microsoft C compiler I wrote a test program
that simply reads disk partitions. It works like this:

     readdisk \\.\c:

Note the "\\.\c:" is the formal Windows 2000 name for the C: partition.
MKS dd I could literally copy the entire disk partition to a file like

     dd if=\\.\c: of=system-save bs=64k

and all would work. I cannot seem to get any CYGWIN utility to understand
\\.\c: filename. I have tried
     dd if=\\\\.\\c: of=x
     dd if=//./c: of=x
but neither works. Sometimes cygwin will think I am trying to talk to a
computer named ".".
(Incidentally, this works to save and restore a system partition. All
issues about locked
files are circumvented. Just make sure the system is very quiet.)

How does one enter  a filename like "\\.\c:" (or any other drive for that
matter) into
the cygwin utilities?

Thank you.

Your Windows 2000 Arborist
T/L 589-4410; Outside: 1-919-993-4410

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