PAG file tends to get corrupted!

Charles Wilson
Mon Jan 29 21:30:00 GMT 2001

Ummm...cvs-1.11.0-x does NOT use or create .pag files.  .pag/.dir files
(the standard filename endings for ndbm-style databases) do not work on
FAT drives, so I hacked cvs to use gdbm-style databases, and name them
"foo.db" (one file) and NOT "foo.pag/foo.dir" (two files).

You must be using an old version of cvs.  Carefully read the release
announcement of cvs-1.11.0-x in cygwin-announce for instructions on
upgrading from older version of cvs on cygwin (hint: you have to migrate
your .pag/.dir files using conv2gdbm).


Jeff Lu wrote:
> I'm on version and am having problem with gdbm functions.  When
> writing to the .pag file enough times the file tends to get corrupted.  It
> has something to do with record length and the length of the key I believe.
> Has this problem been addressed in 1.1.7?
> Thanks
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