[OT] How to split Microsoft Exchange mail between Outlook and a friendly mail tool

Bush, David David.Bush@Dialogic.com
Mon Jan 29 14:37:00 GMT 2001

I know this is off topic for this group, but it is also a
likely interest of people on this list.  I'm on a Microsoft
Exchange server at work.  I need to use Outlook as my Mail
User Agent for work related mail because of the heavy use
of follow-ups and meeting scheduling.  But for outside
mail like this list, I'd like to send the mail off to
folders for processing by something good like VM under

Fetchmail looks like it will retrieve mail from an Exchange
server, but it isn't selective.   Is anyone aware of a way
to split the mail stream in this way?


David Bush
Software Engineer
Dialogic, an Intel Company
Phone: (703) 633-3384
Fax:   (703) 633-3319

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