Confirm or deny.

Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc)
Mon Jan 29 12:47:00 GMT 2001

At 03:34 PM 1/29/2001, L Anderson wrote:
>I'm trying to understand, clarify, and document a problem I have
>encountered with the latest version of cygwin and it would be of great
>help if someone would confirm or deny something about cygwin for me.
>It's my understanding from all I've read that cygwin is designed to run
>under a number of shells including, specifically, bash and
>Dos/Win98('m running Win98), albeit with  slightly
>different behavior.  In other words, can I expect cygwin to function
>Unixishly in a cygwin window and Dosishly in a Dos/Win98 window?
>I have searched the faqs, user documents, etc. and can find nothing that
>claims otherwise.

Why would you expect Cygwin tools to function with any perceptible difference
in one shell versus another?  With the exception of bugs, they should work 
the same no matter where they are invoked.  There is no code in Cygwin which
checks the type of shell that's running.  If you have a specific concern or
question, you're better off asking it directly than hiding it in an obscure
question like the one above. 

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