awk permissions related problem - manual-entry --> awk: permission denied

Earnie Boyd
Sun Jan 28 17:27:00 GMT 2001 wrote:

> Hi Earnie,
> Deleting and re-creating the link resulted in the same problem.
> The other approach, if I understood correctly, resulted in a different
> problem. I deleted the awk link and created a script named awk with the
> contents:
> ----------------------------------
> #!/bin/sh
> gawk $*
> -----------------------------------

No, this isn't what I was thinking, but never mind.  I just noticed we're
talking about ntemacs.  Non-Cygwin programs aren't going to understand
symbollic links.  Do
  rm awk.exe
  cp gawk.exe awk.exe


P.S.: In your script you should have used $@ instead of $*.

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