Install under win98

Matthew Smith
Fri Jan 26 19:43:00 GMT 2001

As far as the .bashrc, and .profile - just create them yourself.  Bash won't
run "a.exe" because you don't have "." in your path.  You can cd to wherever
the executable is, and type "./a.exe", or you can add "." to your path, with
an entry like this in your .bashrc:

export PATH=$PATH:.

Generally, you want "." to be the last path in your search path, for
security reasons.

-Matt Smith

> I'm installing using the 2.29 version of setup.exe after downloading the
> and having cygwin install from a local directory.  I have let cygwin run
> install and after installing, I find that there is no .bashrc and no
.profile in
> the home directory or in any directory on my hard drive.  Also, I create a
> sample program (hello.c) and compile it (gcc hello.c) and get a.exe.  When
I try
> to run a.exe, I get the following message:
> BASH:  a: command not found

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