cat > fails with cat input file is output file

Reid Thompson
Fri Jan 26 11:16:00 GMT 2001

 A question...
 /home/rthompso/JAVA>cat >
 cat: input file is output file
 Is this proper behavior?( I do not believe it is).  If not, is this a
 result of some error in my setup (mount type for /home????) or an
 underlying OS problem(WIN caseInsensitive)? or...? The archives have minor
 mention of this in 1998, nothing since.
 cat.c makes the following validation:
       if (check_redirection
 	  && stat_buf.st_dev == out_dev && stat_buf.st_ino == out_ino
 	  && (input_desc != STDIN_FILENO || output_desc != STDOUT_FILENO))
 	  error (0, 0, _("%s: input file is output file"), infile);
 	  exit_status = 1;
 	  goto contin;

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