cygwin terminal emulation - ANSI escape sequences vs. tercap & terminfo

Fri Jan 26 08:56:00 GMT 2001

Hello, again, folks!

I'd like to (a sort of) apologize for my previous post with the
subject "cygwin terminal emulation - ANSI escape sequences".

Thanx to the VIM author Bram Moolenaar for clearing this problem out
for me.

The terminal behaviour during clear screen (ie. whether to clear with
the background colour or the default one) is defined by the termcap
entry "ut" or the terminfo entry "bce". The cygwin doesn't have this
feature dafined in terminfo so it can be considered to be working

So sorry to trouble you with this thing. I didn't realize this is a
feature defined in terminal databases. Let's hope this information
will be useful for someone else...




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