Jim Balter
Fri Jan 26 08:06:00 GMT 2001

Earnie Boyd wrote:
> Jim Balter wrote:
> >
> > I have a symlink from /bin to /usr/bin.
> > Setup tells me that it is going to delete /usr/bin to
> > put a directory there.  Aside from that being a dumb
> > thing to do when it is already a symlink to a directory,
> > there isn't even a cancel button on the popup.  Of course,
> > if there were a cancel button, I suppose it would just
> > exit the program like the cancel button on the download
> > popup does, instead of going to the previous state
> > like any *sensible* program would do.  I can't imagine that
> > this thing goes through any sort of QA; certainly none of
> > the QA engineers I know would allow this sort of user interface
> > to pass.
> >
> If *you* can do it better, then please *do*.  Submit a patch, complete
> the assignment forms and your patch will be gratefully considered.  Oh,
> and don't forget to have *your* QA engineers test it.

In other words, you aren't really interested in user feedback
or improving your creations.
> That aside, why would you change the way setup installed it in the first
> place?

Because I got better results in certain situations by using a symlink.
Its really a rather foolish question to ask.

> Especially, if you plan to use the same tool to upgrade your
> software.

I had actually hoped that the tool might have gotten better
in subsequent releases, but I was careful to write a script
to restore my configuration after running setup in case it
idioticly destroyed it again.  I've been programming for
35 years and I know how to deal with crap, but I don't have
to like it or approve of it.  You of course can feel free
to ignore this because I'm obviously a troublemaker with
an attitude, but if you had any inner moral strength
you would add this to your bug list.  After all, that's
the link I followed.

<J Q B>

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