Case discrimination

Ashok Vadekar
Thu Jan 25 08:00:00 GMT 2001

I looked at the FAQ for case insensitivity of bash, and tried the recommended
	shopt -s nocaseglob
but it doesn't seem to do what I expected.
CD'ed to a directory containing the files "file1" and "File2", I was
hoping that typing "ls f<TAB>"
would result in expansion only up to the "e", and a further <TAB> would
present a list of the two files.  It did not; instead, I got a fully expanded
"file1".  Have I got something else wrong, or does the shopt option not do
what I was expecting.  If not, is there another method of obtaining this

A related problem, I would like find to perform mixed case matches.  I have many SDKS that I compile under, and some of the annoying ones have header files, etc, in upper case names.  Searching for a missing header is more difficult because I have to search twice (if I remember).  When I'm looking for objects that I may have built, it's even worse, because the files could be file.o, FILE.O or FILE.o.

Any suggestions?

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