1.1.7:mount and ls problem

Earnie Boyd earnie_boyd@yahoo.com
Tue Jan 23 18:26:00 GMT 2001

L Anderson wrote:

> Hi,
> Being new to Cygwin, I searched the faq and mail archives but could find
> no answer to my question.  An answer would be appreciated.
> I'm running Win98 and Cygwin 1.1.7.
> I have drives ... e:, f:, g: ... on win98.  I installed cygwin on g:.  I
> fire up cygwin and do:
>         cd /
>         mkdir e
>         mount e: /e
> All is well -- e shows up in both an ls ( as e) and mount (as e:  /e).
> Now I do:
>         mount f: /f
> I get the error:
>         mount: warning - /f does not exist
> but mount shows
>         f:   f/ . . .
> and ls doesn't show f.

Note: it says warning, it doesn't say error.  The non-list would be the
reason for the warning.  IMO, it's probably time to make it an error.

> If I do an ls f, all the files under f:'s root are listed.

> If I do mkdir f, I get:
>         mkdir: cannot make directory `f': File exists

Yes, another reason for the warning.  You can either umount /f and then do
the  mkdir /f and mount f:/ /f or you can mkdir /cygdrive/c/cygwin/f
assuming / is pointed at c:/cygwin

> So where is f hiding except in the mount table?

The mount table, in the windows registry.

> Why does f seem to work like any other directory (I can cd to it or its
> subdirs and ls their contents) but not show up in an ls at the root?
> Is this a bug or a feature?

It's a feature with old history.


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