Problem using pscp with Cygwin sshd

Richard Stanton stanton@Haas.Berkeley.EDU
Tue Jan 23 12:56:00 GMT 2001

I use sshd on my NT4 machine without trouble - until now, that is. I've been
trying to use the scp client pscp, which has a very nice GUI wrapper around
it. Anyway, the problem is that when I try to do a directory listing, I only
get one file listed. For example:

[c:\program files\\secure ixplorer]pscp.exe -ls
stanton@mortgage's password:
total 99
-rwx------   1 administ None          169 Sep 30 19:08 #mktex.cnf#

There are actually several files in this directory. The same thing happens
whether I start sshd from inetd or from the command line. I can get a
directory listing fine from a Unix machine that I have an account on.

It works fine if I start sshd in debug mode at the command line using
"sshd -d". I get a big environment dump, then all the files are listed
properly. However, it fails as above when I use "sshd -d >& output.out" to
redirect all output to a file.

Any idea what might be going on, or anything I can do to provide more

Richard Stanton

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