Using cygwin to make C++ DLL's to link with MSVC++

Leo Liberti
Tue Jan 23 08:43:00 GMT 2001

Hi. I have written a big application in a Unix
GNU environment (GCC + tools), and I've been asked
to port it to Windows. Needless to say, MSVC++ 6.0
just spits it out. So I downloaded Cygwin, and it
compiled it. I then read everything I could on
"how to make a .DLL" and after much struggling, I made
the DLLs. But now I can't link under Windows.
My guess is that the different C++ mangling scheme
is causing trouble at link time (the MS linker says
it can't find the functions, but in fact they are
clearly there, dumpbin.exe says - but the mangled
names are actually different). 

Anybody ever experienced this problem? In the faq
it says that you can mix gcc .o and ms .obj as long as
they are C. If it's C++, it says, it going to be 
difficult. Now, is it difficult or impossible?



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