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> Hi,
> I'm trying to run the gcc compiler (the one that comes with 
> cygwin - last
> version) from Visual Studio. I'm with Win2000.

I've done this (and keep meaning to write up the method).

> I get an error from cpp.exe about the fact that it can't find 
> the cygwin
> DLL. When I run gcc from the windows command line t works fine.
> I tried to modify the environnement variables to add 
> e:\cygwin\bin (where
> the dll is) in the path but it doesn't works. When i get the 
> error there is
> a path given in the message and e:\cygwin\bin is not there.

VS zaps the Windows envionment variables before invoking the 
command line tools.  YOu can either invoke a cmd script that

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