Setting CYGWIN=nobinmode fixes some things, breaks others

David M. Karr
Mon Jan 22 17:54:00 GMT 2001

I've got Cygwin configured with Unix text mode.  I'm using non-cygwin
NTEmacs and NT ClearCase.  I've got most things working reasonably

However, I noticed that when I filter a region in Emacs with
"shell-command-on-region", to, say, "sort", the resulting output has
^Ms on each line.

I thought I'd solved this by setting the envvar "CYGWIN" to
"nobinmode".  This fixed this problem, however, it then caused other
even worse behavior.  I have some Perl code that communicates through
pipes to a "cleartool" process.  With this change, I find that reads
on output for simple cleartool commands block forever.  I don't know
why this is happening.  The only way to fix this is to go back to no
CYGWIN setting.

Is this simply another result of the fact that NTEmacs isn't built
with Cygwin?  I would guess that NTEmacs doesn't build out of the box
with Cygwin.  Is it really the case that going to Cygwin-built XEmacs
will fix these problems and not load me up with other unexpected

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