two differents version of unctrl.h, one in cygwin-1.1.7 and one in ncurses-5.2

Charles Wilson
Sun Jan 21 15:19:00 GMT 2001

"Dr. Volker Zell" wrote:
> >>>>> "Earnie" == Earnie Boyd <> writes:
>     Earnie> Charles Wilson wrote:
>     >>
>     >> I'll release a new ncurses where the ncurses version of unctrl.h is
>     >> renamed 'nunctrl.h' and change all internal ncurses references to point
>     >> to the new file.  But I can't guarantee any time frame on that.
>     >>
>     Earnie> I don't know about the rest of this list but I would prefer it be
>     Earnie> /usr/include/ncurses/unctrl.h.  It is then obvious as to what it is
>     Earnie> for.  If you name it nunctrl.h then it won't be that obvious.
> I agree with Earnie. But then the interdependencies of the ncurses header files have to be solved.
> Actually the Xemacs configure script checks for curses.h and term.h in /usr/include/ncurses.
> And there is already another name collision in the ncurses package with the termcap package (termcap.h).

Actually, ncurses has a "" script that automatically munges
all the header files during the install process.  This script "fixes up"
everything so that the interdependencies are solved.


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