Windows-based 'g++' finishes AFTER 'make' thinks so?

Henrik Bergstrom
Sun Jan 21 05:31:00 GMT 2001

Dear CygWin users,

I am having a problem with CygWin 1.1 under Win NT4 SP5. I am using GNU
'make' v3.79 distributed with CygWin to compile C++ files. The C++
compiler is a Windows version of GNU 'gcc' (cygnus-2.7.2-960126
egcs-971225 tornado 2.0), i.e. not the one distributed with CygWin.

The problem is that 'make' thinks that 'gcc' has finished eventhough it
hasn't. This leads to that 'make' tries to use the output file from
'gcc' before it actually exists! If I insert a 'sleep 4' between 'gcc'
and the next command everything works much better, but becomes horribly
slow due to all the delays.

To me this sounds like some kind of "threading problem", but I have no
idea how to resolve it. I would really appreciate if someone here could
help me find a solution.

Best regards,

Henrik Bergström

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