Problems with talk utility from inetutils - solved

Jari Aalto+list.cygwin
Fri Jan 19 11:51:00 GMT 2001

* Thu 2001-01-18 Kevin Wright <> list.cygwin
* Message-Id: < 005f01c081aa$d62ab380$e088f726@holstein-mobile.ASPECTDV.COM >
| Thanks! That fixed it! I should have remembered to try to set
| the TERMINFO variable.
| For those who may be trying this, and don't already know how to
| use the talk utility, here are the steps I used:
| 1) $ export TERMINFO=/usr/share/terminfo

For me in Win98 talk hangs (local call) to

    No connection yet]
    [Checking for invitation on caller's machine]
Does this require talkd to be up? how?


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