A problem with "less"

Ivan Dobrianov id11@cornell.edu
Fri Jan 19 09:05:00 GMT 2001

I have been using cygwin B20 on WinNT/2000 for quite some time now and
quite happily.

I have a small problem with less on "most" machines: the 'G' command (go
to end of file) doesn't work right. It clears the screen and prints the
first line at the bottom. 'g' (go to the top) works just fine as do most
other basic commands (e.g. '88g' goes to the 88th line, '90p' goes to
90% of the file etc). If I say "less --help", the 'G' works right
though! It also seems to work right on all files on at least one

Any guesses as to what may be wrong?


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